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Duro-Last Roofing, Inc., is the pioneer of custom prefabricated single-ply roofing systems. Since their inception in 1978, Duro-Last has been the proven performer with more than two-billion square feet of membrane installed! This position of distinction has led industry leaders, corporations, and sources of specifications throughout the country to recognize their contributions to the roofing industry.


• Charter Member of the Cool Roof Rating Council™ (CRRC)
• Members of the Vinyl Roofing Division of Chemical Fabrics & Film Association™ (CFFA)
• National Roofing Contractors Association™ (NRCA)
• Charter Partners of EPA Energy Star™ Roof Products Program
• Members of the United States Green Building Council™ (USGBC)
• American Institute of Architects™ (AIA)
• Roof Consultants Institute™ (RCI)
• Single Ply Roofing Industry™ (SPRI)
• American Society of Testing Materials™ (ASTM)
• Construction Specifications Institute™ (CSI)

No Warranty Exclusions for Ponding Water!

Duro-Last’s standard, comprehensive 15-year no dollar limit (NDL) warranty is the best in the industry.
It’s transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water and covers both parts and labour.

The Advantage of Duro Last Roofing Toronto

• Rated by Underwriters Laboratories™ (UL) as a Class A Material
• Can Help Obtain Credits toward LEED™ & LEED-EB™ Certification
• Approved by International Building Code™ (IBC) & Complies with the Miami-Dade Building Code

Code Compliance

Duro-Last has met or exceeded all major fire/wind code requirements, and obtained necessary regional approvals throughout Canada and the United States. Factory mutual ratings, which apply both to mechanically-attached and fully-adhered systems, include:

• 1-60 • 1-75 • 1-90 • 1-105 • 1-120 • 1-135 • 1-150
• 1-165 • 1-195 • 1-210 • 1-270 • 1-435 • 1-495

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